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Automatic Top Up

Automatic Top Up allows you to send scheduled Top Ups to any Digicel number, at a time interval of your choice.

To use the automatic top up service please follow the simple 3 step process below…

  1. After your next Top Up, choose to save your credit card when entering your payment details.
  2. Proceed to “Top Up Methods”, select “Automatic”, select “Add New” and assign a name to your Automatic Top Up.
  3. Enter the phone number that will be receiving the Top Up, determine your desired Top Up amount as well as the frequency you wish for your Top Up to be sent. When finished, be sure to click “Save”.

Please note Automatic Top Up does not currently support American Express, NCB or PayPal payments. Automatic Top Ups must be scheduled at least an hour before your first desired Automatic Top Up.

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