Fingertip Top Up

The Fingertip Top Up feature allows you to quickly and conveniently send Top Ups from your phone to any Digicel phone; anytime, anywhere!

Using the Fingertip Top Up is as easy as 1, 2, 3
  • 1
    Complete a top up and save your card
  • 2
    Return to fingertip to get your password
  • 3
    Dial the code displayed on screen to top up your own phone or someone else's

More details:

  1. After your next Top Up, make sure to save your credit card when entering your payment details.
  2. Proceed to “Top Up Methods”, select “Fingertip” and save the 3 digit service code and the 5 digit Fingertip password token we provide.
  3. Dial *(3 digit service code)*(Top Up amount)*(Area code & phone number of the Digicel line you’re sending Credit to)# Ex. *152*12345*600*1876000000#
Please note: There is no need to add a phone number if you are Topping Up your own phone. Fingertip Top Up does not support American Express payments.

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